Sunday, July 23, 2006

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I had kept the blog for nearly 2 years, using it as a repository for personal anecdotes, travelogues, and the occasional flight of fiction—all of which I hoped will let me express myself. And then I realized something: Blogspot wasn't helping me. It was infact creating problems. I have found that Govt of India is right in banning Blogspot. Blogspot is a pain. It reduces productivity. Plus it is down for most of the time. No significant improvment in last many years. I am sick of blogspot now. So I have decided to say bye bye to blogspot. No more blogging now. Sorry friends. Now some may wonder is it true that I am closing my blog? Yes I am closing my blogspot blog but uou can visit to my new blog address. Yes I have moved to new blog address. My own blog. So be there.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blog blockade will be lifted in 48 hours

The following is a cnversation between me and one of my net pal from Pakistan. My pal is politically active and wants peace between India and Pakistan. Infact he came India but dude to Visa restrictions he could not come to Chandigarh and we could not meet. Afzal: How r u bro Me: am fine sir, how r u and hows bhabhi and niece Afzal: Bhabhi si quite angry with your niece and your niece is crying. Me: Oh what happened?? Afzal: Your niece was aying some bad words, abuses, so your bhabhi got angry and she made your niece taste some red chilli powder Me (Shocked): WHAT???? you know the kid is only 3 years Afzal: Yes dear, but this is not good...she knows many bad words at this age ME: But who tought her all these bad words??? I guess elders??? I dont think a kid can invent bad words Afzal: Yes I know but then we must do some thing to stop her Me: Do you think she will stop?? Afzal: Yes Me: no she will always remember these words and she will use them, not infront of you, but some where else Afzal: mmmm yes you are right Replace Afzal with Govt of India and Me witha comon blogger. Go against established norms and rules and Govt will ban you. The health minister thot that banning cigerettes in movies will reduce smoking. It will never happen. The Govt of India like all the other Govts in world thinks that by creating unnecessary issues they will be able to divert the attention of "aam aadmi" or "common man" from real issues like rising prices of food and housing, expensive education and low quality clinical facilities. Once Adnan asked me, "You have democracy in your country. What does this means?" I said, "We choose our leaders so that they can cheat us."

Sunday, July 16, 2006

in and out and in and out and in...

In Maths when we add three trailing dots to any expression we mean to say the expression continues. Fore next few days, I dont know the exact count, I will be partially busy in moving my office to new location. This time I am taking a risk in much bigger way and sense. Will be paying more rent, nearly double, will be more paying for everything else. But I wanted to take this risk and wanted to givemy best shot to my venture. I still lack in managerial skills and hope I will improve myself and my company will grow. Wish me best of luck. I will be in and out of my blog but will keep up with others. Wish me best of luck for my venture.